Inspiring more peaceful and conscious human connections; that is the vision behind Circles of Space. It starts with myself, with ourselves. Through bringing more space and stillness into our everyday encounters and relations, experiencing ourselves and others beyond labels and preconceptions. This is a wonderful way to remember what we have in common, to enjoy our interconnection.

This is not activism, education or social work in the traditional way. The idea is to inspire people to connect more intelligently. Yet the connections are not done for the sake of anything but the connection itself. It is done out of heartfelt inspiration and enjoyment. For me, at least.

I see myself as a promoter of peaceful connections. I want people to see that this is possible for anyone and everyone. This is done locally, or wherever I am at the moment. Through sharing the connections on social media and engaging with others globally however, this is already making a much larger impact than anything that can be done only locally or by one person.

If you feel called to help make this vision grow, please contact me, or join the Patreon community.