What exactly is happening here?

We are sitting and softly gazing at each other without using words. We open and close our eyes for a pause when needed, and stay for as long as both want to.

What do you mean by “sharing presence” or “connecting”?

To be together with another human with the intention of purely experiencing our shared humanity and interconnection. To stay in the present moment, experiencing this moment directly without exchanging stories, beliefs or ideas.

Are we not supposed to talk?

I invite everyone to try being together without talking, at least for the first minute or so. Words can be beautiful if coming from a true place, but too often they hinder us from really being still and open. To be comfortable with gaps and silence is essential for truly meaningful conversation.

I find it hard to be silent, as well as to have someone look at me without anything else happening. What to do?

Practice makes perfect. You can even practice with yourself in the mirror. Once we understand that the obstacle is really our own beliefs and conditioning, we can let go of these concerns and relax into our experience.

Do you have any tips for how to stay open and present?

Sensing our breath is very helpful. The breath can help bring awareness into our body and relax any area that feels tense. Closing our eyes to take an “inward pause” as needed also helps.