Encounters that unify, uplift and connect us with our shared humanity:

“See and be Seen”

By Kashi


A vision of oneness, wonder and deep connections between strangers inspired me to create “Circles of Space” as a continuous public exhibition. Inspired by similar offerings by other fellow beings such as Marina Abramovic (The Artist is Present, 2012), this project came to life in 2018. 

The response and wisdom gained so far has been of great value; people find it enjoyable and rewarding to connect, to feel seen, through sharing moments of silence and eye-gazing.

How it works

It began as a street art: on busy streets and areas with lots of pedestrians, I set up two chairs facing each other, and sit on one of the chairs. Written on a sign or chalkboard are words like “see and be seen”, “share 1 minute”, or “feel more connected”. By-passers that feel drawn, join in silence for a few minutes. Sometimes words are exchanged, other times simply enjoying the silence and feeling of connection and peace leaves words unnecessary.

Exhibitions and Inquiries

For inquiries, collaborations or exhibitions, please contact me directly on hello@circlesofspace.com. You can also use social media to message me.